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The Loud House Episodes

The Loud House
Show more Show less The Loud House focuses on Lincoln Loud, an 11-year-old boy, who lives in a house with his ten sisters—eldest sister Lori, unintelligent yet beautiful blonde Leni, aspiring rock star Luna, jokester and comedienne Luan, energetic athlete Lynn, gloomy emo Lucy, personality-opposite twins Lola and Lana, intellectual genius Lisa and baby Lily—and how he tries to survive as the only son in the family by finding creative solutions to the ordinary and chaotic problems in the household. Year started: 2016
Creators: Chris Savino 
IMDB rating: 7.7
Categories: Children Comedy
Show more Show less Stars: Catherine Taber  Liliana Mumy  Lara Jill Miller  Carlos PenaVega  Jessica DiCicco  Jessica DiCicco  Grey Griffin  Grey Griffin  Grey Griffin  Nika Futterman  Cristina Pucelli  Caleel Harris  Grant Palmer 
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