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MasterChef Australia Episodes of Season 8

MasterChef Australia
A few dozen home chefs battle it out in the Masterchef Kitchen to earn the best chef title, judge by top Australian chefs. Year started: 2009
IMDB rating: 8.2
Categories: Reality-TV
Stars: Gary Mehigan  George Calombaris  Matt Preston 
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Streaming episode S08E63 Now!
MasterChef 2016 Grand Finale
Season 8 Episode 63
Streaming episode S08E62 Now!
Service Challenge: Semi Final
Season 8 Episode 62
Streaming episode S08E61 Now!
Mystery Box Challenge & Inventi...
Season 8 Episode 61
Streaming episode S08E59 Now!
Elimination Challenge: Audition...
Season 8 Episode 59
Streaming episode S08E58 Now!
Service Challenge: Lake House
Season 8 Episode 58
Streaming episode S08E57 Now!
Pressure Test: Christy Tania
Season 8 Episode 57
Streaming episode S08E56 Now!
Mystery Box Challenge: Hottest ...
Season 8 Episode 56
Streaming episode S08E55 Now!
Elimination Challenge & MasterC...
Season 8 Episode 55
Streaming episode S08E54 Now!
Team Challenge: Santa Monica Pi...
Season 8 Episode 54
Streaming episode S08E53 Now!
Francis Ford Coppola's Inglenoo...
Season 8 Episode 53
Streaming episode S08E52 Now!
Team Challenge: Dominque Creen'...
Season 8 Episode 52
Streaming episode S08E51 Now!
Mystery Box Challenge: San Fran...
Season 8 Episode 51
Streaming episode S08E49 Now!
Team Challenge: Australian Produce
Season 8 Episode 49
Streaming episode S08E46 Now!
Mystery Box Challenge & Inventi...
Season 8 Episode 46
Streaming episode S08E45 Now!
Elimination Challenge & MasterC...
Season 8 Episode 45
Streaming episode S08E44 Now!
Elimination Challenge: Recipes ...
Season 8 Episode 44
Streaming episode S08E43 Now!
Team Challenge: Three-Course De...
Season 8 Episode 43
Streaming episode S08E42 Now!
Team Challenge: Brighton Beach ...
Season 8 Episode 42
Streaming episode S08E39 Now!
Team Challenge: Gourmet Cinema
Season 8 Episode 39
Streaming episode S08E38 Now!
Immunity Challenge: Victor Liong
Season 8 Episode 38
Streaming episode S08E37 Now!
Pressure Test: Flynn McGarry
Season 8 Episode 37
Streaming episode S08E36 Now!
Mystery Box Challenge: Ugly Ing...
Season 8 Episode 36
Streaming episode S08E31 Now!
Mystery Box Challenge: Luke Ngu...
Season 8 Episode 31
Streaming episode S08E29 Now!
Team Challenge: Chinese New Year
Season 8 Episode 29
Streaming episode S08E27 Now!
Pressure Test: Anna Polyviou's ...
Season 8 Episode 27
Streaming episode S08E26 Now!
Mystery Box Challenge & Inventi...
Season 8 Episode 26
Streaming episode S08E25 Now!
Elimination Challenge: Blind Ta...
Season 8 Episode 25
Streaming episode S08E24 Now!
Off-site Challenge: Hellenic Re...
Season 8 Episode 24
Streaming episode S08E22 Now!
Pressure Test: Jason Atherton's...
Season 8 Episode 22
Streaming episode S08E20 Now!
Elimination Challenge: Name Tha...
Season 8 Episode 20
Streaming episode S08E18 Now!
Immunity Challenge: Midnight Snack
Season 8 Episode 18
Streaming episode S08E17 Now!
Pressure Test: Nigella Lawson's...
Season 8 Episode 17
Streaming episode S08E15 Now!
Elimination Challenge: No Cooking
Season 8 Episode 15
Streaming episode S08E11 Now!
Mystery Box Challenge: Viewers
Season 8 Episode 11
Streaming episode S08E08 Now!
Immunity Challenge: Jake Kellie
Season 8 Episode 8
Streaming episode S08E07 Now!
Pressure Test: Marco Pierre Whi...
Season 8 Episode 7
Streaming episode S08E06 Now!
Mystery Box Challenge: Marco Pi...
Season 8 Episode 6
Streaming episode S08E03 Now!
Final Round Judges' Auditions
Season 8 Episode 3