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- Season 4 Episode 5 -

Episode 5

Holly's far from impressed when she meets up with her date again and he's over keen, meanwhile Sophie tries to set Dan up with random girls. Ricci gets too drunk and accuses Vicky of flirting with a bouncer which causes a huge argument between the pair. Vicky decides she needs a break from Ricci and he asks for the engagement ring back before packing his bags and leaving the house. Sophie is delighted when Joel comes up to visit her but the group still find it hard to trust him. Charlotte's recent anger comes bubbling to the surface causing her to destroy the house.

Year started: 2011
IMDB rating: 5.3
Categories: Reality
Stars: Charlotte-Letitia Crosby  Gary Beadle  Holly Hagan  Scott Timlin  Aaron Chalmers  Marnie Simpson  Chantelle Connelly  Nathan Henry  Chloe Etherington  Marty McKenna 

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