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- Season 2 Episode 6 -

Episode 6

Anna throws Gaz and Ricci out of the house. After agreeing to meet up with Joel, Sophie takes him back and they give their relationship another go. However Vicky starts an argument with Joel over the way he's been treating Sophie recently. The girls go to see a psychic and Charlotte's upset to hear that it's true love between her and Gaz. On a girls trip to Leeds, Rebecca feels left out and cries to Holly. Vicky stands her ground however and feels that Rebecca isn't being herself and is trying to impress everyone by being fake.

Year started: 2011
IMDB rating: 5.3
Categories: Reality
Stars: Charlotte-Letitia Crosby  Gary Beadle  Holly Hagan  Scott Timlin  Aaron Chalmers  Marnie Simpson  Chantelle Connelly  Nathan Henry  Chloe Etherington  Marty McKenna 

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