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- Season 7 Episode 5 -

The Twist in the Twister

Bones Episode list image Bones season 7 episode 5

Season 7, Episode 5

A storm chaser with a shot at becoming professional may be murdered, but his corpse is mangled with half a neighborhood by the last tornado he studied. Booth, assisted by Lance as he refuses to bring his unborn child to danger zones, checks on the brother, who reluctantly financed the victim's top-notch home-made storm chaser-mobile, his surviving driver and competitors. Bones ignores all safety advice to consult storm chasers on the next tornado site. Hodgins comes up with a lullaby contraption and lies to prevent Angela's father from babysitting but revises his ...

Year started: 2005
IMDB rating: 8
Creators: Hart Hanson 
Categories: Comedy Crime Drama
Stars: Emily Deschanel  David Boreanaz  Michaela Conlin  T. J. Thyne  Tamara Taylor  John Boyd 

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